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Schedule a Home Inspection

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

It’s important to get the professional inspection scheduled immediately, as inspectors may be booked several days in advance. Click here for a list of my preferred home inspectors at the Oregon Coast. Because you will be responsible for paying for the home inspection, it’s important that you make contact to hire the inspector. When you’re calling home inspectors, don’t forget to ask them about their fees and how quickly they can get the report completed. Time is of the essence!

During the home inspection period, in addition to having the property inspected, we may also be conducting negotiations based on the results of the inspection report if deficiencies or surprises are identified. All the more reason to get the inspection done ASAP, because we may need time for follow-up visits from contractors if more information is needed.

Sewer Scope

If the property is connected to a public sewer, I recommend having a sewer scope performed. During a sewer scope inspection, a plumber will put a camera down the sewer line to investigate the condition of the sewer line. The plumber will be verifying that it is properly connected to the sewer main, that the line is structurally sound & that there are no tree roots growing into the sewer line. Some companies will video tape the sewer scope, others will only provide a written report, so be sure to ask in advance which method they use.

Septic Inspection & Pumping

If there is an on-site septic system for sewage disposal, it’s very important to have it inspected. Typically, as part of our contract with the Seller, the cost to pump out the septic tank and inspect it will be split between the Buyer and the Seller, but not in all cases. Who pays for what will be determined by the Sale Agreement that is negotiated between us and the Seller.

Radon Testing

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas which is a byproduct of decaying uranium in the ground, and can enter homes through basements and crawlspaces. Elevated levels of radon over a long period of time can cause lung cancer, but luckily there are effective ways to reduce these levels in existing homes. Radon levels in any particular property can change over time, so we feel it’s in your best interest to have testing done before you purchase a new home.

Mold Testing

Some inspectors will try to up-sell you on getting a mold inspection right off the bat, but I would recommend that you wait until the initial home inspection has been conducted. If water intrusion or moisture are a concern of the home inspector, then it makes sense to have a mold test done to determine whether it’s hazardous to your health or just plain old mold that grows as a natural part of our environment in the NW. Some Buyers prefer to have a mold inspection performed no matter what, especially if they know that they are particularly sensitive to mold spores, and that is completely up to your personal preference.

Underground Tank Search

If there is suspicion that an underground oil tank is located at the property, I highly recommend you hire a professional to come locate the tank. Decommissioning the oil tank and ensuring there is no environmental hazard is the responsibility of the Seller, however it’s your responsibility as a Buyer to do due diligence in locating the tank in the first place.

If you have any questions or concerns about hiring a home inspector or need more help determining which inspections you should be performing, please reach out to me. I’m here to help guide you through this process!


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