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One Weekend On The Coast - Coffee Lovers Edition

After literal years of tasty unofficial research, we’ve rounded up the best coffee spots on the north coast. We’re buzzing with excitement (hah, get it?) to share these, but pace yourself while working your way through this list or you may never sleep again.

People love to gather, and people love warm beverages, especially in the chilly and rainy winter months that can seem to stretch on forever here in the Pacific Northwest. There is an entire culture centered around coffee, and while we won’t dig into the history of coffee and coffee houses because that would be a college thesis sized blog, we do appreciate the time and effort shop owners and baristas dedicate to finding us the very best brews for our little coastal towns.

So let us virtually gather around a table with a warm cup of joe and pour over the best places in the area to gather in person for a beverage and either enjoy some blissful solitude or engaging conversations with great company. These spots aren’t ranked in any specific order, each of them is special in it’s own right.

Coffee Girl - Coffee girl isn’t going to be the best option if you want to pop in somewhere for a quick coffee fix, as it’s on a pier a little ways from the main drag of Astoria. But, if you’re looking for an experience completely unique to this area, Coffee Girl can impress nearly everyone. It’s a nice sized shop with fresh baked goodies, light breakfast and lunch items, and an array of Italian sodas, perched on the end of Pier 39. If you’re planning to sit outside and take in the water views and wildlife, bring a coat because the wind coming off the water can be a little chilly.

Astoria Coffee House & Bistro - Is it a restaurant? A bar? A coffee house? It’s all of these things! Not many places can pull off that concept, but it definitely works for the Astoria Coffee House & Bistro. During the day it’s a coffee house and diner, and in the evening it transforms into an upscale bistro and bar. The outdoor seating is a big draw on warm days and the staff is great at recommending things to try. They source the beans from Caffe Vita and you can taste the love poured into each generously sized cup. If you’re a chocolate lover do not sleep on their chocolate cupcake… it’s unreal levels of chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. Who doesn’t love sprinkles?

Street 14 Cafe - This stop has a definite European style cafe vibe. It’s bustling with locals, tourists, and the benches outside are almost always filled with families enjoying a bite, and if you’re lucky some friendly dogs will be out there ready for a head scratch. They’ve also got kombucha and source many ingredients locally. It truly does feel like any little cozy cafe you’d find in europe. Oh yeah, the coffee is Stumptown, which visitors from Portland seem to adore.

Blue Scorcher - When you walk in the Blue Scorcher may not have an intimate coffee house vibe, but we can assure you it’s one of the best coffee spots in town. Not only is the coffee smooth and delicious, they make their syrups in house and procure every shot of espresso in their manual pull machine from Italy. Oh, and if you’re a tea drinker you must experience their loose leaf teas served in Japanese teapots with warm tea cups. It’s a tea lovers dream!

Sea Level Bakery and Coffee - If you’ve ever wanted to feel transported to a tiny coastal cottage full of warm smells and high end bites, this is your spot. This charming coffee house in Cannon Beach is absolutely dreamy. Everything is baked from scratch and while this blog is about coffee, just trust us and try the bread! A highlight of this spot is that you can take your order to go and stroll along the beach with a warm beverage in hand.

Insomnia Coffee Co. - With huge windows and a vaulted wood ceiling, aesthetically this place is modern yet somehow cozy on a drizzly day. Lots of space for people typing away on their laptops or catching up with friends. It’s not quiet, which for many beach goers and tourists adds to the draw. There isn’t a catch with this place, it’s just good coffee served by genuinely nice people. Have you heard about the Aztec Mocha? No? Just trust us and try it!

Seaside Coffee Roasting Company - If you’re looking for the authentic coffee house experience, this is your place. With mis-matched furniture and hand-written deli board style menu, it’s not flashy, but the coffee proves this coffee shop has staying power. With art covering the walls and big cushy chairs to fold yourself into, this is where you can easily lose an hour or two sipping a blended coffee creation.

Drive Thru Coffee - If you’re not from the area you’re going to be amazed by the sheer number of drive thru coffee shops on the Oregon Coast. A few of these are chains, but for the most part you can find numerous locally owned and operated coffee drive thrus in each little town up and down the coast. They typically offer a variety of coffee, tea, smoothies, and sometimes italian sodas and snacks. If you don’t have time for a coffee house experience, you can still get a quality beverage and friendly service at our numerous drive thrus!


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