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November Home Maintenance Tips for a Cozy Coastal Home

Hello, coastal homeowners and homebuyers!

November has arrived, bringing with it a crispness to the air and the anticipation of holiday gatherings. To ensure your North Oregon Coast home is ready for the season, it's time to tackle some essential home maintenance tasks. As your trusted Oregon Coast Realtor, I'm here to provide you with a checklist of November home maintenance tips that will help you keep your coastal haven in top shape.

1. Moisture Management: Dehumidify Your Space

Living by the coast comes with its share of beauty and moisture. To protect your coastal property, consider running a dehumidifier in your basement and any below-grade areas as needed. This step is crucial in preventing moisture-related issues such as mold and mildew, which can be common in our coastal climate.

2. Safety First: Test Smoke Detectors

As we adjust our clocks for daylight saving time, take a moment to test the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Ensuring they are in working order is a simple yet vital step in maintaining a safe and secure home for you and your family.

3. Holiday-Ready Kitchen: Clean Appliances

With the holiday season approaching, your kitchen will likely see more action than usual. Before you start preparing those delicious holiday meals, take the time to clean your refrigerator and oven thoroughly. A clean and well-maintained kitchen not only looks inviting but also functions efficiently when entertaining guests.

4. Efficient Laundry: Clear Dryer Vent Lint

To keep your dryer running smoothly and prevent fire hazards, remove lint from the exhaust vent. This is a small yet critical task that can extend the life of your appliance and ensure safe operation.

5. Energy Efficiency: Insulate Hot Water Pipes

As temperatures drop, consider adding insulation to exposed hot water pipes. This simple step can lead to significant energy savings and maintain a consistent hot water supply, even on the coldest coastal days.

6. Draft Prevention: Check Door Weather-Stripping

Don't let the coastal winds creep into your home. Inspect the weather-stripping around your doors and replace any damaged sections. Proper weather-stripping helps maintain a cozy and energy-efficient environment.

By tackling these November home maintenance tasks, you'll ensure that your coastal home is cozy, safe, and energy-efficient as we transition into the holiday season. Whether you're preparing to sell or settling in for the long term, these tips will help you maintain the value and comfort of your North Oregon Coast property.

If you have any questions or need further guidance on maintaining your coastal home, please don't hesitate to reach out. As your local Oregon Coast Realtor, I'm here to assist you in every aspect of your real estate journey.

Happy November, and may your coastal home be a haven of warmth and comfort!

All my best wishes,

Julia Radditz

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