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Home Improvement Survey & Seller's Disclosures

Let’s be honest… no one knows your house as well as you. That’s why I ask all seller clients to complete a Home Improvement Survey. On this form, I will ask for you to provide historical perspective on the house, including repairs and improvements, maintenance concerns, special finishes and your favorite features in the home. Getting this information from your perspective as the seller will help me market your home for the best possible return on investment.

Documents Needed from the Seller

  • If you’ve done remodeling, repairs, upgrades or have done anything substantial to the property with the aid of a contractor, I’ll ask that you provide me with documentation, including final permit approval, if applicable.

  • If you’ve had a professional home inspection within the past 3 years, please provide me with a copy of the report.

  • If you have a septic system, please provide all documentation relating to recent inspections and/or pumping, and installation permits, if available.

Most Buyers will request copies of these items, and it’s best to have them compiled at the beginning of our transaction. You may either provide hard copies of the documents, email digital copies to me, or you may submit them through this website.

During this stage of the process, I will also ask that you complete the Seller’s Property Disclosures. These are standard forms based on Oregon statues, which Sellers are required to complete as part of their property sale. You will be disclosing your actual knowledge of the property at the time that you’re completing the disclosures. This will include the functionality of systems included in the sale, history of renovations/remodeling, your legal ability to sell the property, and history of problems like standing water or leaky roofs. There is also an addendum for more detailed explanations if necessary.

Do not be afraid to go into detail on the Seller’s Disclosures. You cannot get in trouble for over-disclosing the property’s history, but there are serious consequences for failing to disclose known issues. My rule of thumb for all seller clients is to disclose, disclose, disclose! And remember, if a property condition changes during the course of our listing agreement or property sale, it’ll be important to promptly update the buyer on the new status.

The more thorough and detailed you are in the information you give me, the better I’ll be able to turn this into a marketing opportunity. Many seller clients find it tempting to be less than forthcoming with their agents about the history of problems at the house and repairs done to remedy them. It’s your legal obligation as a property seller to be transparent and disclose these kinds of issues. Nobody likes putting out fires, and it’s much easier to help my clients find solutions on the front end of their transactions, but I can only help you if I am made aware of the reality of the situation at your property. So, if you have concerns or worries, let’s talk about them.

Help me help you!

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