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Home Buyer Privacy Concerns

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Your personal privacy and security are major concerns in your home purchase. It’s easy to get lax and forget all the ways that people can gather information about you as a home buyer. Lock it down and protect your privacy during the home buying process. If you don’t, someone might try to take advantage of you.

You Are Being Recorded

With technological advances, it’s easier than ever for home Sellers to record video and audio footage of you as you’re touring their home. The legality of these actions is questionable, but what is certain is that you don’t want to show your hand by talking about making an offer on the house or negotiations while you’re still inside of a property. Make note of your comments about negotiation strategy, and let’s save those discussions until we’re in a safe and private place to discuss freely. A good rule of thumb is to assume that you’re being watched & listened to while you tour homes.

Secure your Social Media

Double check your privacy settings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other public forum to ensure that only approved friends may view your personal information and posts. The internet is an easy tool that most home Sellers will turn to in order to do some research on you once you submit an offer for their home. Keep your personal information close at hand and don’t allow people to go through your personal life and make judgments about you which may or may not be true, and which will almost certainly affect the way negotiations move forward.

Keep your Negotiations and Transaction Gripes to Yourself

You will only harm your negotiating position if you post information about your real estate transaction prior to its finalization. Your offer may have been accepted, but you have not bought a home yet - don’t post anything online until it’s a done deal. This will save you a lot of humiliation and heartache in the future if things go sideways. Also, you never know who is acquainted with whom, and how information can get back to the Sellers of the property you’re trying to purchase. Why weaken your negotiating position by allowing the Sellers to find out what’s going on in your mind? This is a time to talk with me as your Realtor, your Lender and people who are directly involved in the transaction - this is not a time to post publicly about your experience. Save it until we get the job done and you’re moving into your new home!

Take Advice Carefully

Everyone will have an opinion on your real estate purchase, but not everyone is an expert. Know who you can trust and speak with if you have questions or concerns, and keep all others out of the loop during this sensitive and potentially stressful period.

If you have questions about privacy during your real estate transaction, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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