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One Weekend On The Coast - 21+ Edition

Welcome back to our comprehensive exploration of the North Oregon Coast. Some people do a preliminary search on Google before visiting Astoria, Oregon and see a plethora of blogs and articles claiming Astoria is a “drinking town with a fishing problem.” While that is a charming stance to take about the area, it’s not entirely accurate. Well, it is true that there is a lot of drinking to be done here, but as you scroll through our lists you’ll see the overwhelming amount of things that are geared toward the whole family, solo adults traveling, or even history buffs. This area is diverse in nature and entertainment, as well as libations. We hope people come for the cocktails, but stay for the outdoor fun and great food.

You’re here to party though, right? We don’t blame you, especially after everything that’s been thrown our way in 2020/21. We’ve all certainly earned a stiff drink or a frosty beer. So, let’s get down to business. We are going to rank these establishments in order from places you’d be able to take your family along for dinner and drinks, all the way to SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!

Rogue Public House on Pier 39 - Rogue offers some of the best views of the Columbia while you’re chowing down on some good food and sipping one of 30 beverages they have on tap. This tap house is housed in the old Bumblebee Tuna Factory, so make sure to stop by the little museum and see the history that helped build the area to what it is today. This stop is family friendly and there are other things to see on Pier 39 (check back for that blog later) which makes it worth the drive to the edge of town.

Buoy Beer Company - Speaking of views, this is an equally breathtaking view of the river, but also has a glass floor where you’ll see lazy sea lions lounging many months out of the year. The food is top notch (try the cheese curds and thank us later) - they’ve got a select menu of crafted cocktails, a small wine list, and a hefty selection of beers. Don’t forget to check the board in the bar to see if someone has bought you a beer.

Fort George - In their own words, “Fort George Brewery has grown from a single brewpub to a city block filled with restaurants, tasting rooms, breweries, community spaces, & music venues.” This place is truly a unique experience - you can play corn hole, hang with your dog upstairs on the patio, hit up the tasting room, play games in the pizza restaurant, attend community fundraising events, have date night, or simply cut loose with some drinks and people from all walks of life.

Portway Tavern - Not quite a dive bar, not quite a fine dining establishment. This is where good food meets cheap drinks and friendly bartenders. This is known as a local hang out, but everyone always feels welcome when they walk through the door. Video poker machines provide excellent entertainment and they’ve got karaoke certain nights of the week.

The Voodoo Room - Just a quick jaunt from The Chart Room, you can feel like you’ve entered another realm by waltzing into The Voodoo Room. It’s dark, it’s a little spooky, but it’s got a ton of personality. The pizza is fantastic, and did we mention there is a movie theater upstairs (movie plays at 6pm)? Live music often pours out into the crisp nights. Don’t sleep on this great little spot.

Blaylocks Whiskey Bar - This whiskey bar swept into town last year, being the first of its kind in the area. If you’re looking for a more refined experience and desire premium cocktails and over 200 whiskey choices, this is your spot. The menu includes boards to share and some exquisite desserts. If you love looking at beautiful photos of drool-worthy cocktails, give their social media a follow.

Pilot House Distilling - Astoria is known for beers and breweries, so Pilot House is a refreshing breath of fresh air, providing all things hard liquor. If you’ve been to the Astoria Sunday Market you may have sampled their bloody mary or had a little taste of their other offerings. Did we mention they have CANNED COCKTAILS? Yes, worth shouting from the rooftops. Their bottles are also beautifully labeled and make great gifts!

The Chart Room - Walk through this door off the main drag of Astoria and you’ll swear you’ve walked into your new favorite dive bar. They host game nights, have video gambling, but the cheap drinks are the main attraction for many. The seating is limited but it’s easy to make friends.

Labor Temple - Breakfast all day AND friendly staff? Sometimes you really can have it all. This spot is definitely a hole in the wall, a hidden gem outside of the tourist areas. Labor Temple also hosts karaoke, comedy shows, variety shows, and live music. Check their website for the calendar of events.

Workers Tavern - Formerly Mary Todd’s, Workers Tavern has upheld the reputation for tasty food and stiff drinks. While this may not be the fanciest stop on our list, it’s got a whole lot of heart and checks all the boxes for a local vibe dive bar. There is outdoor seating which is a huge draw when the weather is nice, and a fire pit for those chilly nights.


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